Housing repairs

3. What we’re responsible for

  • We repair and maintain the appliances we have installed to provide heat and hot water. We do an annual gas safety inspection of all gas heating and hot water installations and appliances. (Please note Gravesham Borough Council is not responsible for residents' own appliances)
  • We are responsible for the gas supply pipe from the gas meter to the appliances it serves. (However, we do not have to install a gas supply if there is a reasonable alternative, such as electricity).
  • The electricity supply cable between the meter and the electrical sockets in your home.
  • maintaining the structure of the building, including roof and roof tiles, boundary walls and fences, door entry systems and lifts
  • We are responsible for a repair if it is to a fitting or appliance that we have previously installed, or if it is a repair to the structure of the building.

What we're not responsible for:

  • Faults on cookers or cooker connections – if we inspect and find these faults your appliance will be condemned and capped off.
  • The failure of gas companies to supply gas
  • Faults on domestic electrical appliances, such as kettles and fridges
  • The failure of electricity companies to supply electricity or maintain their equipment
    We are responsible for the water supply distribution pipe work from the water company main supply pipe to the internal property supply points which you connect to appliances and fittings that use water inside your home
  • repairs caused by misuse or neglect of the property by residents and residents' visitors to the property.