Resident parking permits

1. Overview

All our permits can be bought on our website. You'll be able to upload any proofs and documents on the system too so it's really convenient.

The Residents Parking Scheme is divided into six zones - A, B, C, D, F and G.

We issue permits based on which zone your street is in. This means your permit can only be used in whichever zone your house is in. It can't be used for any of the other zones.

For example, if you live in Wellington Street (Zone B), your permit could not be used for parking in Berkley Road (Zone A).

There are different restrictions that apply throughout the scheme depending on which zone you live in. You can read more about individual restrictions in section 3.

Some of the zones also have Pay and Display parking from 8am until 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Please make sure you check the signs in your area before parking. It's really important to remember that permits only exempt vehicles from the residents or Pay and Display restrictions on-street for the zone the permit has been issued. It will not exempt the vehicle from any other restrictions like double yellow lines, loading bays, bus stops or disabled bays.