Visitor parking permits

Visitor permits allow you to park in residential parking zones (A-G). They cost £10 for a book of five scratch cards and you can buy up to five books at a time. 

Each scratch card lasts 24 hours starting from the date and time that you scratch off.

How do I order visitor permits?

You first need to register for this service by emailing and supplying a copy of a utility bill as proof of your address.

Failure to provide this document will result in your permit application being delayed. We aim to issue visitor permits within five working days, however this may not always be possible.

Once your permit application is successful, you can order permit scratch cards using the below online form.

I've already registered

If you've already registered for our visitor permit service, then please use the below online form to order your scratch cards. You will need your visitor permit reference number.

Permits are automatically sent to the address provided via first class post. If you wish to collect permits, please contact us on 01474 33 70 00 or at the time of your application. Please include your applicant ID and visitor permit reference number when contacting us.