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2. Pre-application service


Pre-application advice is a useful tool for providing advice to applicants and agents before they submit proposals but it is also a non-statutory function within Development Management.

In order to allow Development Management officers to concentrate on the core activities of applications and appeals, we considered a temporary suspension of the service. However in recognition of the fact that pre-application discussion enables better coordination between public and private resources and improved outcomes for the community, we have instead decided that, from 1 March 2017, whilst we will still accept pre-application submissions the following limitations apply:

  • A meeting with officers will not be offered
  • One written response will be provided and this will be proportionate to the type of application and its complexity
  • Statutory applications will be prioritised
  • A timescale for the response will not be given

For previously submitted pre-application enquiries, we will endeavour to respond within the timescales previously agreed.

Agents and applicants should also note, if an application is refused and agents/applicants wish to discuss a resubmission to try and address the deficiencies with the original submission, they would also be covered by the above limitations.

What is pre-application advice?

We offer an advice service, which you can make use of before submitting a formal planning application, to improve the quality of planning application submissions and their likelihood of success. This can be achieved by:

  • providing an understanding of the relevant planning policies and other material considerations associated with a proposed development
  • working with interested parties at an early stage to identify, understand and seek to resolve issues associated with a proposed development
  • indicating the possible mitigation of the impact of a proposed development, including any planning conditions
  • identifying the information required to accompany a formal planning application, thus reducing the likelihood of delays at the validation stage.
  • putting in place a Planning Performance Agreement to help with managing the process and agreeing any dedicated resources for progressing the application.

If you live or have a business in the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation's area, the Corporation provides the pre-application advice service in that area.

How much does it cost?

Enquiry Fee
Major (residential more than 10 units, or more than 1000m2 commercial) £1,155
Medium (residential 2 and 10 units, or smaller commercial) £385
Single dwellings, and other developments (not including householder) £165
Householder extensions (written advice) £55
Voluntary groups and parish councils Free
Repairs to listed buildings Free
Vehicle cross-over/dropped kerb confirmation letter £18

What does a prospective applicant need to provide?

The level of information necessary for effective pre-application engagement will vary depending on the scale and nature of the proposed development. A prospective applicant will not necessarily be expected to provide all of the information that would accompany a formal planning application, but it needs to be sufficient information to allow the local planning authority to take an informed view – please see below list of requirements by type of application.

Householder/Minor scale proposal/Medium scale proposal

  • Correct fee
  • Scaled site plan sufficient to identify the site and its surrounding context
  • Sketch drawings and/or photographs of existing site
  • Sketch drawings of proposed development
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations including details of architectural approach and materials to be used
  • Details, if any, of discussions with owners/occupiers of adjoining properties

Major scale proposal/Large/Strategic scale proposal

As above plus:

  • Proposed developer contributions
  • Report detailing what community involvement has been undertaken; what views expressed; what changes have been made, if any, as a result of views expressed

How do I submit an enquiry?

Download and complete the Pre-Application Enquiry form. Send the form along with the fee, plans and information in support of your proposal to:

Planning Department, Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend DA12 1AU

Alternatively you can email the form and accompanying information to

How do I pay?

By telephone

Please telephone 01474 337688. You can pay using a debit or credit card.

Automatic payment machine

You can pay by cash at the Civic Centre through our automatic payment machine. It's quick and easy. If you need assistance, a member of staff will be happy to help you. Please attach a copy of the receipt to your form.

What happens next?

Once we receive your form and payment, your enquiry will be acknowledged. A case officer will be allocated and a response will be sent to you in due course.

Please note that pre-application advice does not constitute a formal decision of the Council, and would not prejudice or amount to pre-determination of any planning application by the Borough Council.

For further information please contact Planning Administration by emailing or by phoning 01474 337688