Community and living

  • Baby's face


    Find out all the information you need for registering births in the county.

  • Funeral Flowers in the shape of a cross

    Deaths, funerals and cremations

    This information has been prepared to help you make use of the cemeteries services and understand what arrangements we make with regard to funerals and the ongoing care of the cemeteries.

  • Community Group  - Rainbow Colours

    Equality and diversity

    Gravesham Borough Council are committed to meeting the obligations of the public sector Equality Duty and as such, a body of supporting equalities evidence has been published on this webpage.

  • Maze Guidance

    Asylum and immigration

    Information and advice on immigration and asylum for people from abroad.

  • Gravesham Community Awards

    Do you know a local hero/organisation/business that goes the extra mile for the benefit of others, then please nominate them for a Gravesham Community Award.

  • Community Group  - Rainbow Colours

    Community Right to Bid

    Community engagement provides people with opportunities to have a greater say in what happens in the borough and to be more active in decision making.

  • Community Group  - Rainbow Colours

    Community Right to Challenge

    The Right to Challenge is intended to allow eligible groups to bid to run Council services. It provides a mechanism whereby public services could potentially be delivered by new groups or organisations.

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