Council housing

  • Check your Rent balance

    View your rent account balance and recent payments to the account

  • Applying for housing

    Further information on applying for a council and housing association properties.

  • Housing repairs - non-urgent repair request

    If you have a non-urgent repair request, you can request this online.

  • Housing repairs - emergency and out of hours repairs

    Find out how to report an emergency repair to your council home.

  • Housing repairs - council property

    An easy read guide to repairs, decoration and equipment in your home.

  • Who are your housing and income officers?

    If you have a query about your tenancy, or you want advice when you have a concern over your rent, contact the officer who specifically deals with the road or street where you live

  • Anti social behaviour and nuisance

    At Gravesham we know that noise and nuisance can badly affect your life and health. This is why we work in partnership with other departments and organisations to provide an effective, customer focused anti-social behaviour (ASB) service.

  • Council housing - rent arrears

    A debt and money advice service is available to Gravesham Borough Council tenants in arrears through Gravesham Citizens Advice Bureau.

  • Council housing - insurance

    Gravesham Borough Council does not insure your furniture, belongings or decorations against theft, fire, vandalism and burst pipes. You need to take out your own household insurance.

  • Council housing - rents

    Information on when and how to pay your council housing rent, also information if you get into difficulties in paying.

  • Disabled people - home adaptations and aids

    If you or someone living in your property is disabled you may qualify for a disabled facilities grant towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities to enable the disabled person to continue to live there.

  • Garages - lettings

    To rent a garage you will need to fill in an application form which can be obtained from the Civic Centre or from your neighbourhood office.

  • Gas safety advice

    Gas leaks should be reported at once and directly to Transco on 0800 111 999.

  • Home exchange

    Would you like to move to another area of the borough, or another area of the county, or even another area the country? Then you may be interested in the mutual exchange process, where you can swap houses with another tenant.

  • Home improvements - renovation grants

    Assistance for Home Renewal and Improvement.

  • Right to buy

    The right of council tenants to purchase their homes from the council became law in the Housing Act 1980.

  • Housing allocations - allocation process

    Under Section 168 of the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002), it is the duty of every landlord authority to publish a summary of its allocations scheme for the allocation of its housing accommodation.

  • Housing allocations - rehousing decision appeal

    If you consider that we have not made a proper assessment of your housing needs, you do have a right of appeal against our assessment. If you wish to appeal, you must do so in writing within four weeks of receiving our letter to you informing you of our assessment.

  • Housing - information and advice

    Information (including tenancy and estate management areas, caretaking service as well as tenancy conditions, mutual exchanges, succession, disabled adaptations etc)

  • Housing - mediation

    At Gravesham we know that noise and nuisance can badly affect your life and health. This is why we work in partnership with other departments and organisations to provide an effective, customer focused anti-social behaviour (ASB) service.

  • Housing - support to tenants

    Supporting People is a national government initiative that commenced on 1 April 2003. The programme is designed to deliver support to vulnerable service users maintain their tenancies.

  • Introductory council tenancies

    All tenancies granted by the Council to new tenants, will be "introductory tenancies" with the exception of those excluded by statute.

  • Leaseholders - information and advice

    Keep up to date with all the available information relating to leaseholders. Leaseholder representatives were directly involved with the council in devising and agreeing the Leaseholder Handbook.

  • Housing Performance

    Gravesham's Housing Service Performance in figures for the last 3 months. Here you can see how we are performing in the areas that you've said you want to know about.

  • Rent setting

    Gravesham Borough Council’s Rent Policy is designed to achieve consistency in rents between similar housing types and maintain affordability for the future.

  • Sheltered housing - council tenants

    There are a number of services available to residents who are aged over 60 years old, or in special circumstances are registered disabled and are 55 years old. These range from sheltered accommodation to help with decorating.

  • Social housing policy

    The aim of the council's affordable housing planning policies is to ensure the development of balanced and integrated communities and to deliver good quality, affordable housing for local people in housing need for present and future generations.

  • Tenant participation

    Gravesham Borough Council is committed to engaging with and empowering its tenants and leaseholders.

  • Holding Hands - Underoccupation Scheme

    Some of our tenants are living in accomodation which is larger than they need, if they want to move to a smaller home, we have an incentive scheme which can help them.

  • Housing Policies

    Gravesham Borough Council has a suite of Policies and Procedures to act as guidance in the way it delivers it's services to the public

  • Council Housing complaints

    If you think that you have been affected by something that we have, or have not, done for you as a tenant or leaseholder, you will want it put right

Last Updated: 15 July 2014