Sheltered housing - council tenants

There are a number of services available to residents who are aged over 60 years old, or in special circumstances are registered disabled and are 55 years old. These range from sheltered accommodation to help with decorating.

Sheltered and Community Alarm Services

We provide a sheltered housing service and a community alarm service, which includes 20 sheltered housing schemes with a Scheme Manager. Around 600 other homes are visited by a mobile warden. All of these homes have emergency alarms that are connected to a 24-hour Central Control. Scheme Managers or visiting wardens do not provide nursing or home help services. See our Sheltered Housing page for details of the schemes (link below).

The Lifeline

This is a telephone, available to all Gravesham residents including those in private accommodation, which operates as an emergency alarm system. Activated by a pendant or clip, the central control room can be contacted from any part of your home or garden in an emergency, and they will contact the relevant emergency service or family / friend from a list provided by you. For further information, council tenants should contact Sheltered Housing Service on 01474 33 73 75. Private residents need to call the company, Centra direct on 0300 333 6511 or email

Help with decorating

The council may help with internal decorating if you are over 65 and have lived at the property for a minimum of 6 years. We will normally decorate two rooms or the hall / stairs / landing, once every six years. Contact the Contracts Department on 01474 33 73 71.

Housing Rent

If you have trouble getting in to an office to pay your rent, call the Housing Income Section on 01474 33 73 58 for advice on alternative methods of payment or alternatively see our rent payment pages for details.

Community/Voluntary Services

The William Pinn Trust - the Trust makes payments on a monthly basis to those over normal retirement age and living within the Borough of Gravesham to enable them to provide a specific commodity, such as fuel, which the recipient is unable to provide from their pension. Further information and forms are available from Warden Services on 01474 33 73 75, Social Services or download the WF Pinn Charity Trust Application form here.

Contact the Trust direct on 0345 602 0270 or write to -

W F PINN Charitable Trust
HSBC Trust Company (UK) Ltd
Trust Services
Norwich House
Nelson Gate
Commercial Road
SO15 1GX

Volunteer Centre North West Kent Befriending service.

This scheme is for the housebound, isolated or lonely. A visitor will come to your house once or twice a week for an hour or two. If you are, or need, a friendly face then call 01322 272 476 for information.

Volunteer Centre North West Kent Transport scheme.

A registered charity, providing transport for elderly and disabled people who need a volunteer car in order to keep hospital and medical appointments. It is specifically for people who cannot use public transport and have no other means of transport available to them. Contact 01322 669 292.

These schemes are available to those living in all of north west Kent, including

  • Gravesend
  • Chalk
  • Shorne
  • Higham
  • Northfleet
  • Istead Rise
  • Vigo Village
  • Harvel
  • Meopham
  • Cobham
  • Luddesdown
  • Sole Street
  • Culverstone Green
  • Sheltered housing

    Within Gravesham Borough Council's Sheltered Housing units, you are able to live as independently as possible, with advice and assistance readily available. Further detail is given below for your information and the contact details for the Sheltered Housing Admin Team are given below too. There is a also a link which gives a list of the sheltered housing schemes in Gravesham and the facilities each has to offer.

  • Sheltered housing - Quality Assessment Framework

    The Sheltered Housing Service, has, since April 2003, been funded directly by Kent County Council. Gravesham Borough Council receives payments from Kent County Council for its Sheltered Housing service.

  • Sheltered housing - Transfer Incentive Scheme

    Gravesham Borough Council Housing Services offer an incentive scheme for tenants wishing to 'downsize' their current property to a smaller property. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions together with the answers.

  • Sheltered housing - applying

    What is Sheltered Housing? Who can apply and other useful information, including Useful Contact numbers.

  • Sheltered housing - scheme facilities

    The Gravesham Borough Council Sheltered Housing Scheme has a large number of units which have similar, but not identical, facilities on offer. Here is a list of the scheme locations in Gravesham with the specific facilities at each site, to enable prospective tenants the opportunity to compare.

Last Updated: 11 June 2015