Housing Strategy and Development

The Housing Strategy and Development department aims to deliver an excellent housing service for all residents of Gravesham.

This includes excellence in housing management, excellence in strategic planning, excellence in place shaping), improve the quality of housing in both the private and social sectors, work with partners to maximise the supply of affordable housing and tackle and prevent homelessness and address the needs of other vulnerable groups.

Useful links 

  • Affordable Housing Policy

    The aim of the council's affordable housing planning policies is to ensure the development of balanced and integrated communities and to deliver good quality, affordable housing for local people in housing need for present and future generations.

  • Developing Affordable Homes

    Eligibility Criteria for Developing Affordable Housing in North Kent

    This document has been prepared following consultation with all affordable housing providers present in North Kent and all North Kent Authorities.

  • Gravesham Balancing Housing Markets - Housing Stock Analysis 2006

    This report analyses the data and results of the 2006 Gravesham Housing Needs Survey and the Registered Provider stock/re-lets data to provide detailed information on size, type and tenure of the existing dwelling stock and supply/demand impact on stock flow of all moving households to 2009 analysed by house type and size. The purpose of this exercise is to identify over and under supply of specific unit types and sizes by specific location.

  • Housing Definitions

    An introduction and explanation of the various types of housing available in the private and affordable sectors.

  • Housing Needs Surveys

    All local authorities are required by statute to carry out regular assessments of housing need in their area. In return this work will help Gravesham Borough Council project future housing need in the area so that we can make appropriate investment decisions.

  • Housing Development

    The Housing Development Team works in partnership with housing associations, developers and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) amongst others to provide new affordable housing with Gravesham.

  • North Kent Housing Partnership preferred Registered Providers

    The Council works in partnership with a number of Registered Providers under the remit of the North Kent Housing Partnership which includes Dartford, Medway and Swale Borough Councils. Most of our partner Registered Providers can provide for a range of needs including general rented and shared equity schemes and more specialised supported housing accommodation for those with particular accommodation needs.

  • Review of Social Housing Provision for Older People

    The ageing of our society presents a range of challenges to housing providers. Not only will there be more older people in coming decades, but their needs and aspirations will also be different. The overwhelming majority of older people live in general housing, and this review focuses upon their situation.

  • Strategic Housing Matters Newsletter

    You can find all of our previous newsletters stored in this archive.

  • Strategy Suite

    Gravesham Borough Council has a legal responsibility to produce a housing strategy for the area, which covers all housing tenures. We've developed our housing strategies to help us plan and deliver housing for different groups of people across Gravesham. We update our strategies regularly to make sure we deliver a good choice of high quality housing, which is supported by excellent services. Our objective is to create attractive, successful neighbourhoods with strong communities.

  • Tenancy Strategy

    From April 2012, registered providers of social housing (Housing Associations) can offer ‘fixed term’ tenancies as well as ‘lifetime’ tenancies

Last Updated: 04th March 2015