In December 2021, the council set out an ambitious Climate Change Strategy, which was developed with assistance from Local Partnerships and sets out the council’s approach to not only taking action against its own emissions but also supporting communities in the borough to reduce their emissions and carbon footprint.

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Specifically, the Strategy sets out three key priority areas of work:

Gravesham Borough Council – the organisation

Focusing on how the council can change its own operations, and those of its employees, wherever possible to reduce the level of carbon emissions its produces. The council has put in place a high-level road map to clearly set out the key activities that will be undertaken in relation to its own operations on its path to net zero by 2030

Gravesham Borough Council – the housing provider

Exploring opportunities to bring the council’s current housing stock up to a better level of energy efficiency standard where it is possible to do so; ensuring new council housing is built to a high level of sustainability and ensuring local planning policy reflects the need for the borough to consider energy efficiency in all developments moving forward.

Gravesham Borough Council – the community leader

It is clear that the council cannot directly affect all of the changes that are needed across the borough. However, in its role as a community leader, it can work with residents, community groups and partners to educate and support them in making changes, which will have a positive impact on the level of carbon emissions in the borough.

Management Delivery Plan

The strategy is supported by a detailed Management Delivery Plan, which sets out specific actions that will be taken in order to take specific action where possible and influence behaviours in order to reduce carbon emissions across the borough. You can access the delivery plans for each of the priority areas here:

The council has established a Climate Change Cabinet Advisory Board to maintain oversight of the Management Delivery Plan. They will ensure that the council remains abreast of wider climate change issues, and that appropriate information is made aware to the Cabinet.

Read more about the Climate Change Cabinet Advisory Board

Each year, the council will produce an Annual Report to publicly report back on progress that has been taken in the calendar year.