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Medway Council’s Cumulative Impact Assessment Consultation

Last updated on: 17-Feb-2021

Medway Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy contains a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP), which balances the needs of local businesses and the local community, whilst trying to protect individuals from the alcohol related harms identified in these areas. The CIP sets down a clear and transparent guide as to how the Licensing Authority determines licensing applications made by premises situated in CIP areas in the Medway Towns. It also gives a guide to the applicants as to what is expected from them in their application.

The CIP is supported by evidence contained within a Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA). This assessment identified areas of concern because of the cumulative effect of the concentration of licensed premises and their customers, which had led to serious problems of crime, disorder and public nuisance affecting residents, visitors and other businesses.  In addition, public services, including police, health and emergency authorities and environmental services (cleansing and refuse services) were also placed under strain.

The Licensing Act 2003 requires that licensing authorities review the cumulative impact assessment, which supports it’s Cumulative Impact Policy, every three years to identify whether it:

  • Should remain as is?
  • Should remain with amendments?
  • Should be removed?

We are therefore seeking your views on the above options, and any supporting evidence you are able to provide.

Current Cumulative Impact Assessment

If you are commenting on behalf of others, please include a summary of the people and organisation that you represent.

Please send your comments to by 14 March 2021


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