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Counter Fraud Corruption Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

7. Detection

We have put in place a range of internal control arrangements within its systems and processes to detect inappropriate or dishonest activity, including budget monitoring and reconciliations. These arrangements should be sufficient in themselves to detect fraud, corruption and bribery activity should this occur. Detection of such activity is often because of the alertness of employees, Members, the general public and other stakeholders.

Employees at all levels are expected, and positively encouraged to raise any concerns relating to fraud and corruption which they become aware of. Such concerns should be reported to the Internal Audit & Counter Fraud Service or through the Council’s Whistleblowing Policy. If the issues are of a serious or sensitive nature or involve management concerns, they should be reported directly to Head of Audit & Counter Fraud or the Council’s Monitoring Officer (Legal Services).

The Council’s Financial Procedure Rules require all employees to immediately notify the Director (Corporate Services) of any financial irregularity or suspected financial irregularity.

Employees, Members, and organisations working with the Council may not want to express their concerns because they feel that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues or to the Council. They may also fear harassment or victimisation. In these circumstances it may be easier to ignore the concern rather than report what may just be a suspicion of malpractice. In such instances, persons are urged to report concerns or suspicions through the channels set out in the Council's Whistleblowing Policy.

The employee can be assured that concerns raised in good faith will be passed to the Audit & Counter Fraud Service, who will make independent preliminary enquiries and determine whether there are grounds for an investigation. Where appropriate, concerns will be fully investigated and, wherever possible, those raising concerns will be dealt with in confidence.

Members of the public and stakeholders are encouraged to come forward and report any concerns or suspicions they may have, which may relate to fraud being committed within or against the council. Such concerns should be directed to the council’s Audit & Counter Fraud team; either:

Contact details and names associated with any allegations received will be treated as anonymous at the request of the sender and will not be shared outside of the Audit & Counter Fraud service.


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