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Counter Fraud Corruption Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

9. Deter

We will make our employees, Members, the general public and stakeholders aware of our commitment to taking action where fraud and corruption occurs. We will take all appropriate steps to deter further attempts of fraud or corruption by demonstrating the seriousness with which the Council views such cases.

Such activity will include:

  • publicising details of counter fraud activity, including the update of this strategy
  • reporting the results of investigative activity to the councils Management Team, and Members of the Finance & audit Committee
  • applying appropriate sanctions where fraud or corruption is proven
  • publicising details of successful convictions on the council’s website, social media pages and via press release to the local media

The Council’s Communications Team is responsible for optimising the opportunities available to publicise to the public any counter fraud, bribery, and corruption activity being undertaken within the Council.


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