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Counter Fraud Corruption Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Statement of intent

“In administering its responsibilities, the Council is opposed to fraud and corruption whether it is attempted on or from within the Council and is committed to preventing, deterring, detecting and investigating fraud and corruption.”

The Council is committed to protecting its assets and promoting honesty and integrity in all its activities. The Council will continually strive to ensure that all its financial and administrative processes are carried out and reported honestly, accurately, transparently, and accountably and that all decisions are taken objectively and free of personal interest. All staff and elected members must always act honestly and with integrity and safeguard the resources for which they are responsible.

The council will:

  • create a counter fraud culture,
    • promote Member, officer, the general public and other stakeholder awareness of fraud, bribery and corruption
    • offer specific training on these issues to officers in key positions within the organisation
  • encourage Members, officers, the general public and other stakeholders to report any concerns or suspicions
  • prevent fraud wherever possible
  • take steps to detect instances of fraud
  • undertake professional investigation of detected fraud
  • use sanctions, including legal action, against people committing fraud
  • take necessary steps to recover defrauded funds

The Council will target and fight all identified or suspected instances of fraud or corruption including but not limited to:

  • financial irregularity
  • misuse of office
  • misuse of Council property
  • corruption
  • collusion
  • theft
  • bribery
  • stealing supplies
  • working while on sick leave
  • falsifying time sheets and expense claims
  • selling Council equipment
  • failure to declare an interest
  • fraudulent tendering process
  • fraudulent property letting
  • fraudulent certification for payment of goods or services not received.
  • council tax fraud
  • business Rates (NNDR) fraud
  • false homelessness
  • falsification of circumstances to secure council housing
  • tenancy fraud
  • right to buy fraud


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