Information Governance Management Framework

Last updated on: 08-Dec-2021

6. Governance framework

Directorate Management Teams are accountable for the effective management of information risk and information governance compliance, as well as supporting and promoting the policies, standards and procedures. The teams consist of the Director/Assistant Director and Service Managers for each business unit.

Each Assistant Director/Service Manager is an Information Asset Owner who is accountable for information assets within their business unit. They are able to understand how it is held, used and shared and address risks to the information.

All council managers are responsible for the implementation and adherence of this framework and any associated standards and procedures within their service and teams. Compliance with this is verified each year through Assurance Statements completed by all Directors/Assistant Directors and Service Managers as part of the council’s annual Governance Review.

Disregard for information governance policies by employees may be regarded as misconduct to which the council’s Disciplinary Procedure applies and a serious breach of any policy may be treated as gross misconduct and may lead to dismissal.

Disregard by contractors and agents working for the council will be regarded as a contractual breach. Disregard by volunteers and work experience students working for the council may lead to terminating their work agreement.


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