Information Governance Management Framework

Last updated on: 07-Sep-2021

4. Key governance bodies

The Information Governance Strategy Group’s responsibility and purpose are to:

  1. Approve and ensure that a comprehensive information governance framework, supported by policies, standards, procedures and systems are in place and operating effectively.
  2. Prepare any annual Information Governance / Risk Assessment required, including action plans.
  3. Coordinate Information Governance activities (GDPR, DP, FOI/EIR, security, quality, records management) across the council.
  4. Monitor information handling and breaches, implement assurance controls (including audits as required) and determine and monitor the implementation of corrective actions where needed.
  5. Ensure training and action plans for information governance are progressed throughout the council, evaluating the impact and effectiveness of governance training.
  6. Communicate the information governance agenda and the work of the IG Strategy Group to MT, GBC staff and Members where necessary.


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