Information Governance Management Framework

Last updated on: 07-Sep-2021

5. Resources

The Information Governance Team provide expert advice and guidance to all staff on all elements of Information Governance. The team is responsible for:

  1. Providing advice and guidance on internal information governance to all staff.
  2. Developing the Information Strategy, Information Governance Framework of policies, standards and procedures.
  3. Working with information governance coordinators and service teams to establish protocols on how information is to be used and shared.
  4. Developing Information Governance awareness and training modules for staff.
  5. Ensuring arrangements are in place to deliver compliance with Data Protection, Freedom of information, Records Management, Information Security and other information related legislation.
  6. Recording and monitoring of information requests and supporting request handlers and service teams with processing requests.
  7. Integrating Government and Information Commissioner specific Information Governance guidance, policies and codes of practice into council policies and procedures.
  8. Providing support to the Senior Information Risk Owner for internal Information Governance related issues.

The IT team is the lead for technical security management of the infrastructure and technical security advice, including areas such as: PSN Code of Connection, PCIDSS and device policy.

The Legal Services team provide expert legal opinion on all information governance matters to all service teams, including the Information Governance and IT teams.

There will be identified roles in the service areas whose remit includes some aspects of information governance and ensuring compliance. These will vary according to the services provided.


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