Information Governance Management Framework

Last updated on: 08-Dec-2021

2. Senior roles

Cabinet and Portfolio Holder

Full Council remains the ultimate policy-making body of the Council. In particular, it proposes the policy framework and budget to the Council and then carries on the work of the Council within this approved framework and budget.

The Cabinet Member for Performance & Administration has specific service responsibility for Information Governance. The Leader of the Executive has specific service responsibility for IT Services and is the council’s Cyber Champion.

Chief Executive and Corporate Board

The Chief Executive is the Head of Paid Service who leads the council’s staff and advises on policies, staffing, service delivery and the effective use of resources. Together with the Directors and the Deputy Monitoring Officer they form the council’s Management Team ensuring delivery of an effective council-wide information management approach.

Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)

The Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) is overall responsible for managing information risk in the council and chairs the Information Governance Strategy Group. The SIRO is the Director (Corporate Services) who has responsibility to:

  • foster a culture for protecting and using information within the council
  • ensure arrangements are in place to deliver information governance compliance with legislation and council policies
  • provide a focal point for managing information risks and incidents
  • prepare an annual information risk assessment for the council.

The Assistant Director (Transformation and IT) is designated as the Deputy Senior Information Risk Officer.


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