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Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations

All grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Grants 2014

Grants 2014
Beneficiary Date Awarded Time Period Responsible Dept Registration No. Summary of Purpose Amount
Chalk Scout Group 08/01/2014 1 yearCommunities   Kitchen refurbishment £1,000.00
Roots Timber 24/02/2014 1 year Communities 292824 Workshop training/container/equip £4,500.00
St Peter & Paul, Milton26/02/20141 yearCommunities New boiler£3,500.00
Gravesend Wheelchair Rugby13/02/20141 yearCommunities Sports chairs & associated equipment£2,600.00
Cyclopark Trust04/02/20141 yearCommunities Cycloscoot£2,700.00
St Pauls United Reform Church13/02/20141 yearCommunities1144915Replacement of hall roof£2,000.00
Walk Tall13/02/20141 yearCommunities1094146Audio Equipment£3,522.80
NWK Volunteer Centre04/02/20141 yearCommunities274029Living History Project£1,000.00
CVS North West Kent13/03/20141 yearCommunities1102160Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Conferences£3,000.00
Youth Ngage22/04/20141 yearCommunities Health and Sports Day£1,329.00
DGSM Your Choice15/01/20141 yearCommunities1103190Touchscreen Computer£1,177.34
Gravesham Competitive Dance Festival15/01/20141 yearCommunities Dance Festival Annual Event£500.00
Guru Nanak Football Club04/02/20141 yearCommunities Development of Adult programme£1,544.50
Jugnu Bhangra Group29/07/20141 yearCommunities Adaptation of Studio£1,750.00
Gravesham Court23/01/20141 yearCommunities Pool table and cards£268.00
5th Northfleet Scouts08/01/20141 yearCommunities Activity/craft equipment£1,000.00
Ebbsfleet United Youth Football Club26/02/20141 yearCommunities Football in the Community project£1,500.00
St Aidans Community Hall29/01/20141 yearCommunities1130169Heating improvements£3,000.00
St Mary the Virgin, Chalk08/01/20141 yearCommunities1132081New Parish Guide Booklet£900.00
RCCG City of His Grace29/01/20141 yearCommunities Food Bank, Wallis Park£400.00
1st Riverview Brownies15/01/20141 yearCommunities Art Equipment£337.14
The Vigo Village Hall29/01/20141 yearCommunities265623Kitchen improvements£400.00
Kent Saheli Group13/03/20141 yearCommunities1140297Saheli Setu Scheme (bridging/befriending)£2,250.00
All Saints Church Toddlers/Sunday School29/01/20141 yearCommunities Arts and craft equipment£180.00
All Saints Church Lunch Club29/01/20141 yearCommunities Watern urn, baking equip etc.£300.00
Gravesend Regatta Committee29/01/20141 yearCommunities Repair Steffan Scott£400.00
Meopham Players13/02/20141 yearCommunities Hut roof repairs£963.00
Chantry Community Academy29/01/20141 yearCommunities Academy conversion book bag provision£800.00
KCC Wardens13/02/20141 yearCommunities Lego for Lego Club£355.00
1st Windmill Hill Scout Group22/01/20141 yearCommunities303398Replacement tents£717.00
Friends of Saint Marys Church26/02/20141 yearCommunities Community Events Programme£500.00
Confident Children27/01/20141 yearCommunities Happiness Day Gravesham£120.00
Gravesend Methodist Church02/02/20141 yearCommunities Children's Resources£1,200.00
St Mary the Virgin, Chalk13/02/20141 yearCommunities1132081Chalk Village Fete£600.00
Miskin Dance Club06/03/20141 yearCommunities Audio Equipment£500.00
2nd Singlewell Brownies24/02/20141 yearCommunities Indoor and outdoor activities equip£491.85
Holy Family Church13/02/20141 yearCommunities Hall renovation£800.00
Westcourt Primary and Nursery School13/02/20141 yearCommunities After School Club resources£1,000.00
Racefield Close Residents Association26/02/20141 yearCommunities Craft equipment and games£250.00
Food Bank Hub - St Pauls URC26/02/20141 yearCommunities1135341Storage boxes£583.68
Culverstone Community Association24/02/20141 yearCommunities302721Groundworks for skate ramp£1,500.00
St Johns Church, Higham26/02/20141 yearCommunities Craft/Art equipment£100.00
Cobham Community Pre-School26/02/20141 yearCommunities1047983Walkodiles£574.60
Chichester Rise Residents Association26/02/20141 yearCommunities Treadmill, stereo, dart board, pool cues£725.00
Cobham Brownies06/03/20141 yearCommunitiesXR 57431Visual IT equipment£300.00
Meadow Room Management Committee13/03/20141 yearCommunities228007Dimmers and mat£307.88
No Walls Gardens CIC06/03/20141 yearCommunities Big Rainbow Project£600.00
4th Milton Brownies26/02/20141 yearCommunities Equipment - parachute, gas stoves, craft£256.00
Semiquavers24/02/20141 yearCommunities1130741Portable staging£500.00
Shorne Village Hall06/03/20141 yearCommunities302841Redecoration of the hall£765.00
CVS North West Kent06/03/20141 yearCommunities1102160Strengthening the Voluntary Sector Events£950.00
EllenorLions Hospice06/03/20141 yearCommunities TV for inpatient ward£926.70
Gravesham Foodbank06/03/20141 yearCommunities1135341Food Bank, Wallis Park£1,500.00
EllenorLions Hospice13/03/20141 yearCommunities Hoist slings£741.00
Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul, Shorne25/03/20141 yearCommunities Church roof appeal£650.00
St Pauls URC13/03/20141 yearCommunities Hall roof repairs£717.12
Dene Holm Methodist Church13/03/20141 yearCommunities Roof repairs£3,000.00
House of Mercy06/03/20141 yearCommunities Dishwasher£250.00
Gravesend Sea Cadets25/03/20141 yearCommunities Ceiling repairs£500.00
Gravesham Community Choir06/03/20141 yearCommunities Pilot sessions for visually impaired£760.00
Istead Rise Community Association13/03/20141 yearCommunities Facilities for youngsters£507.00
Gravesham Foodbank13/03/20141 yearCommunities Buffer good stocks£759.00
Kent Integrated Youth Services25/03/20141 yearCommunities Employment & Education Support Project£500.00
Little Fish's30/06/20141 yearCommunities Equipment for Mother & Toddler Group£300.00
Friendship Quilters31/07/20141 yearCommunities Equipment for sewers & quilters group£405.00
1st Higham Scout Group29/09/20141 yearCommunities303399Trip to Centenary Remembrance Camp, Ypres£600.00
3rd Milton St Faiths Guides22/09/20141 yearCommunities Camp tents£519.99
TNT BMX Club01/10/20141 yearCommunities Gazebo£1,320.00
1st Shorne Scout Group20/08/20141 yearCommunities303449Internal floor covering£750.00
Pegasus Court Residents Assoc08/08/20141 yearCommunities Events for those with limiting conditions£750.00
Gravesham Girls & Ladies Football Club24/09/20141 yearCommunities New football kit/equipment£800.00
Christchurch Pre-School20/08/20141 yearCommunities1130741New play equipment£348.00
Meadow Room Management Committee26/08/20141 yearCommunities228007Hearing Loop£1,212.60
Real Gima Football Club22/09/20141 yearCommunities New Club Kit£1,036.34
Education & Outreach at the Woodville22/09/20141 yearCommunities "Drama sessions at Singlewell School and Miracles Youth Centre"£500.00
Portreeve Sheltered Housing09/09/20141 yearCommunities Hearing Loop£973.35
Meopham Youth Department22/09/20141 yearCommunities Youth Survey£2,000.00
1st Riverview Brownies22/09/20141 yearCommunities New Guide and Rainbow packs£900.00
Moat Homes ltd15/10/20141 yearCommunities Games for basic English and Numeracy£137.20
Higham Active Retirement Association20/11/20141 yearCommunities Arts and Crafts Equipment£295.00
The Royal British Legion06/10/20141 yearCommunities219279New Union Flag£386.00
Gerald Miskin Hall29/10/20141 yearCommunities1001780Replacement chairs£318.72
1st Istead Rise Scout Group12/11/20141 yearCommunities303425Camping and expeditional equipment£926.00
Windmill Hill Association10/12/20141 yearCommunities Community Notice Board£710.14
St Marks Church, Rosherville03/12/20141 yearCommunitiesXT37965Programme of events - Remembering Rosherville£154.00
Shears Green Co-op Womens Guild10/12/20141 yearCommunities Social Gathering - food & entertainment£250.00
Meopham Players11/12/20141 yearCommunities Electrical Works£415.00
Friends of Wrotham Road School Assoc10/12/20141 yearCommunities299505Playground climbing wall£1,000.00
Gravesend WI10/12/20141 yearCommunities228183Flower display to mark WI's National Centenary 2015£500.00
Beatrice Gardens & Surrounding Areas RA10/12/20141 yearCommunities Communal Garden£500.00
Higham Choral Group10/12/20141 yearCommunities Choral Concerts£450.00
Gravesham Primary Schools FA10/12/20141 yearCommunities Purchase of Under 11 Football Goals£750.00
Slovak Czech Community10/12/20141 yearCommunities Sweets/fruit/costume St Nicholas Day£300.00
Gravesend Junior Parkrun10/09/20141 yearCommunities Set up costs£3,643.00
Istead Rise Bowls Club10/09/20141 yearCommunities "Repairs to pavilion doorway, soft covering to stop boards"£3,420.00
Semiquavers10/09/20141 yearCommunities1130741Staging£2,000.00
Northfleet Youth Club10/09/20141 yearCommunities Residential at Slattenden£3,225.00
Thames Defence Heritage10/09/20141 yearCommunities Restoration of WW11 guns£2,388.00
Miskin Hall10/09/20141 yearCommunities1001780Replacement entrance doors£2,000.00
North Kent Women's Aid10/09/20141 yearCommunities1125773Window Renovation£3,500.00
Gravesend MENCAP10/09/20141 yearCommunities260838Interior update - oven, hob, curtains, computers, chairs£5,000.00
Istead Rise Community Association10/09/20141 yearCommunities Design, build, installation of village sign£4,000.00
The Word on the Street10/09/20141 yearCommunities1154501School Holiday Activity Programme£3,000.00
Maritime Volunteer Service10/09/20141 yearCommunities1048454 & SC039269Establish flood assistance and safety cover on river£4,500.00
Gravesend Street Pastors10/09/20141 yearCommunities "Training equipment - flip flops, water, gloves, lollipops etc."£2,515.00
Alzheimer's and Dementia Support10/09/20141 yearCommunities1024385Galileo Whole Body Vibration Plates£4,285.00
Gravesham Town Twinning Association10/09/20141 yearCommunities Promotional materials£2,000.00
Gravesham Network Development CIC10/09/20141 yearCommunities`Suicide Prevention training for SAFE£1,200.00
Thamesview Community Youth Tutor10/09/20141 yearCommunities You Me & Others Programme - looking at emotional resilience & wellbeing£2,320.00
Gravesend Railway Enthusiasts Society10/09/20141 yearCommunities Replacement projector, screen and laptop£1,167.00
Gravesend Rowing Club10/09/20141 yearCommunities Sculling oars and second-hand engine£3,880.00
CAS Training Solutions CIC10/09/20141 yearCommunities Show Me How To Programme - marketing/resources£2,217.50
Kent Equality Cohesion Council20/06/20141 yearCommunities First tranche of Service Level Agreement£6,180.00
Gravesend Borough Band20/06/20141 yearCommunities First tranche of Service Level Agreement£750.00
Gravesend Borough Band17/10/20141 yearCommunities Second trances of Service Level Agreement£750.00
Gravesham Access Group05/09/20141 yearCommunities Service Level Agreement£500.00
Gravesham 50+ Forum15/10/20141 yearCommunities Service Level Agreement£500.00
Czech Slovak Community Group31/12/20146 monthsCommunities 6 Month Service Level Agreement£2,000.00


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