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Pay Policy Statement

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

Pay Relationships

This section sets out the council’s overall approach to ensuring pay levels are fairly and appropriately dispersed across the organisation including the current pay multiple which applies within the council, and its policy toward maintaining or reaching a specific pay multiple in the future.

Under the provisions of the Local Government Transparency Code 2011, (updated 2014 & 15) the council is required to publish its ‘pay multiple’, i.e. the ratio between the highest paid salary and average salary of the whole of the local authority’s workforce. The current pay multiple, based on all taxable earnings as at 31 December 2018 including base salary, any variable pay, and allowances which may apply is 5.48 median.

The lowest pay point in the overall salary scales which has been used by the council in calculating the mean average salary is that which applies to its lowest paid employees, as defined in Paragraph 1.12 of this policy.

Taking into consideration that council salary increases are subject to national joint council negotiations the council considers that the current pay multiple, as identified above, represents an appropriate, fair and equitable internal pay relationship between the highest salary and that which applies to the rest of the workforce.

Arrangements for monitoring salary budgets are carried out through the council’s normal budget management process by line managers, finance officers and Human Resources. Additionally management team and members consider workforce monitoring as part of the Medium Term Financial Plan.


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