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Appeal your benefits

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

3. Appeals for council tax reduction

There are three steps to take if you don't agree with our decision.

  • Step 1: Ask for an explanation of the decision

This needs to be done within one month of the date on your decision letter. We'll then send you a 'statement of reasons' which tells you how everything's been worked out.

  • Step 2: Ask us to look at your application again

If you think we have made a mistake you can ask us to look at our decision again; this is called a grievance.  We will check your application thoroughly and take account of any information you have given.

If the decision can be changed

We will send you a letter explaining what the new decision is. If your request is within one month of our decision letter, the new decision will apply from the date of the decision. If we receive your letter later than one month after our decision letter, the new decision will normally apply from the date we receive the request. If you don't agree with the new decision you can still ask for it to be looked at again.

If the decision can't be changed

We will send you a letter confirming the original decision. The letter will tell you if you can appeal. If you can and want to appeal, you must start this process within one month from the date of the letter confirming our decision.

  • Step 3: Appeal against the council tax reduction decision

An appeal against a council tax reduction decision must be made directly to the Valuation Tribunal within two months of us writing to you about your grievance  You can also appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal if we have not responded to you within two months of you writing to us about your grievance. The Valuation Tribunal will only consider your appeal if you have first written to us to ask for your decision to be looked at again. 

The Valuation Tribunal cannot hear appeals about the contents of our council tax reduction scheme, only about the way the scheme has been applied to your individual case. Details of how to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal will be sent with your grievance decision letter.


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