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Whilst using PublicAccess is the quickest way to get your comments logged against an application, if, for some reason PublicAccess is not available, you can email with your comments and name and address.

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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

3. How to opt in

If you have read the eligibility criteria and think you can have wheeled bins, you can opt in by using our online form.

The form takes approximately five minutes to complete and we'll ask you to:

  • answer some eligibility questions
  • provide your contact details
  • provide your address

What happens after I opt in?

We'll assess your property and the road you live in to see if it would be suitable for wheeled bins. We'll let you know the outcome of the assessment, usually by email, within 10 working days of your request.

If you're eligible, we'll send you a wheeled bin for your recycling and general waste. The bins could take up to 10 working days to arrive but is usually sooner than this.


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