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Arts and Cultural Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

5. Delivery

To ensure that this strategy remains relevant and focused it will be reviewed regularly, action plans will be drawn up annually and the reporting of results will be part of the council’s annual review.

Responsibility for developing the action plans and monitoring delivery will be led by the Cultural Manager with support from the Service Manager, Customer & Theatre Services.  Regular reporting of progress will be made to the Council’s Management Team and to the Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure.


Resident Comment - Cultural and creative hub of North West Kent.

Resident Comment - A broad river based calendar of events throughout the year making Gravesham one of the top places to visit from London and the South East.

Resident Comment - Vibrant leader with events that are known & attended from across the County & surrounding Counties

Partner Comment - To have a reputation as a destination for lovers of the arts, such that people will travel here for major events and be happy to visit knowing they will find something of interest on offer.

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