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Safety and crime

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

7. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is not just our statutory duty but a primary concern of all the services we provide to residents.

All children and vulnerable adults have the right to protection from abuse or exploitation. It is the responsibility of social services and protection agencies to determine whether a child has been abused. It is our responsibility to report any concerns we have to the appropriate authority.

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility.

Recognise it

Abuse takes many different forms, is delivered in many different situations and has multiple impacts including:

  • Physical - hitting, slapping, restraint, potentially resulting in injuries, flinching, frequent changing of General Practitioners (domestic abuse);
  • Sexual - bruising, coercion, potentially resulting in forced activity without consent (Modern Slavery – see Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement below);
  • Psychological - verbal, deliberate isolation potentially resulting in change in behaviour such as radicalised views (PREVENT);
  • Neglect - inadequate heating, food, failing to give medical treatments, potentially resulting in begging, stealing and poor physical condition;
  • Discriminatory - prejudice based on things such as age, disability or race, potentially resulting in withdrawal, isolation, anxiety;
  • Financial - use of financial resources without consent, potentially resulting in substandard living conditions, sudden or unexpected changes in a will.

Abuse is wrong and should not happen.

Report it

If you feel that a child or an adult is at immediate risk of harm always call 999.

If you have seen something, or have general concerns about the welfare of a child or adult, contact social services using the details below:

To contact Kent County Council's social services outside of normal office hours, for example during the night, call 03000 419191

Further Information

Kent Safeguarding Children Board and the Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board bring together representatives of each of the main agencies and professionals responsible for promoting the welfare and safety of children and vulnerable adults in the county. For an overview of the Boards, their key priorities and further specialist guidance please select the relevant link above.

More information on our role and responsibilities in the safeguarding agenda is available by selecting our Safeguarding Policy below.

Key documents


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