Tourism and Heritage Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Foreword

It is a great pleasure to introduce the Gravesham Borough Council Tourism and Heritage Strategy – Destination Gravesham.

We have a great story to tell here in Gravesham with so much rich history and heritage to promote and protect and to attract people both locally and elsewhere to come and see it. More than that however is the growing new tourism sectors such experiential leisure which Gravesham is at the forefront of with some great local businesses leading the way and potentially with greater development available locally to tap into such as the proposed London Resort.

Linking with our Corporate Plan and the Manifesto this Administration stood on, this strategy and the underpinning action plan gives some clear direction to ensure that our local tourism economy which is worth around £124 Million and supporting an estimated 2793 jobs is supported and is able to grow and develop particularly after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Our heritage is important and there is so much of it to share and be proud of such as our rich ancient history dating back to Roman times and before, being mentioned in the Domesday Book, our original Borough Market with a Charter from 1268, our links with Pocahontas, Town Twinning and this journey continues through our industrial links, our diverse countryside, our defence links and of course our long history with the River Thames. But most of all this is more than our places, our artifacts or indeed the River, this is about our people and the story of the Borough of Gravesham and our towns and villages.

So, this strategy is about developing all of this, utilising our unique place both geographically and historically and by working with our Tourism and Heritage staff such as in Tourist Information we can mould our Borough wide approach to expand and support the tourism and visitor economy, safeguard and showcase our heritage and artifacts, celebrate our diverse culture and events and tell our story.

Like all plans this will only work if we come together to make it work over the long term in partnership which is why I am glad this strategy has such broad support within the Council and like so many of our policies this has been co-produced by engaging the public, stakeholders, local interest groups, businesses and the tourism and heritage sector within the Borough which is important as the Council’s success in this is the Borough’s success as well.

Councillor Shane Mochrie-Cox
Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure


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