Tourism and Heritage Strategy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

10. Diverse culture, festivals and events

For a Borough of its size, Gravesham hosts a diverse variety of events and festivals. Many of these are community focused events, but a number have the potential to attract visitors from further afield, such as St George’s Day Parade (April), Vaisakhi parade (April), Riverside Festival (July), the annual Fireworks display (November) and Christmas events.

Alongside these the council seeks to work with partners, including Visit Kent, to ensure a presence in the county wide visitor campaign - Big Kent Day Out (March), English Tourism Week (March) and Heritage Open Days (September).

The Borough is also well placed to figure in national cultural festivals which are designed to inspire creativity in the context of the coast and estuary – Estuary 2021 and England’s Creative Coast.

Covid-19 safe responses are influencing the operation of Gravesham’s attractions and it is events, festivals and activities, which are taking place outdoors, that will likely draw visitors at this point in time.

Festivals and events have the potential to add to Gravesham’s visitor appeal, but need to be planned and promoted effectively to take into account the wider visitor audience.

The following priority actions for attraction development have been identified during the strategy period:

  • Review and confirmation of the Borough’s events programming post Covid-19 to recognise the role that they may have in attracting more visitors to the Borough.
  • Capitalise on the large scale cultural events planned for the Thames Estuary and Creative Coast in the coming years.
  • Promote the Borough’s strong cultural attraction through its events and supplement with other guided visits, trails and interpretation.


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