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The Mayor

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Overview

Mayor Caller

Cllr John Caller was announced as the new Mayor of Gravesham on 12 May 2020 at the annual council meeting.

The Deputy Mayor is Cllr Lyn Milner.

About the Mayor

By Cllr John Caller.

"First of all I must send mine and my wife Sues deepest sympathies and best wishes to all those that have lost loved ones during this pandemic.

Every lost life must be remembered and the loss of those Gravesham people has determined that what we do in this Mayoral year will be In memory of all of those who have left us.

I was born in Gravesham, the 2nd oldest of a large family, I have 2 brothers, 3 sisters and 1 half-brother and 4 half-sisters. I attended Northcourt, Kings Farm and Southfields, all local schools.

My first Job was working on the Town Pier and most of my working life has been within the Borough at Britannia Refined Metals Northfleet.

I married Sue in 1990 at All Saints Perry Street, she has even more local connections than me, her family all work on the river so our daughters Naomi and Poppy have Gravesham blood and Thames water flowing through their veins.

My Mum's family are from Gravesend but my Dad's family originate from Norfolk so of course I’m a Norwich City supporter.

I first joined the Council in 1999, it was a great honour to be elected Mayor in 2014 and to be given the opportunity to be First citizen again is beyond any words of pride I have.

Sue and I will serve this fine Borough in a different way this year helping and supporting our community.

I will not be announcing a Charity, any money that comes in sponsoring the Mayor will be distributed locally where it can do the most good around our caring Borough.

We look forward to hearing from any organisation that needs help or to promote the good work they are doing."


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