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Smoke and air pollution

Last updated on: 16-Oct-2020

2. Smoke from bonfires

We recommend that you don't have bonfires, as we offer many ways to dispose of your waste which won't cause a nuisance to your neighbours or reduce air quality. You can also take your waste to Pepperhill tip.

It is not an offence to have a bonfire and there are no time restrictions, however if smoke from the fire causes a regular nuisance then you can report it to our Environmental Protection Service.

If one of our officers witnesses the bonfire and considers it bad enough to be a statutory nuisance then an abatement notice may be served on the liable parties. If they then continue having a bonfire on the land they are committing an offence for which they can be prosecuted and fined.

If a bonfire is out of control or built in a dangerous location it should be reported to Kent Fire and Rescue Service immediately on 999.


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