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Affordable housing

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

4. Completed developments

Gravesham Borough Council is now directly developing a range of affordable housing for general needs and wheelchair compliant homes.

Below are some examples of our work.

Henry Gardens

Completed in September 2011 and comprising 5 bungalows. The first council homes to be developed in 16 years.

Henry Gardens

Vincia Row

Completed in May 2016, comprising 5 houses for Affordable Rent.

Vincia Row

Tooley Street

Completed in June 2017 and comprising 2 houses.

House on Tooley Street

The houses were also made wheelchair compliant.

Inside a house on Tooley Street

Farlow Close

Completed in October 2017 and comprising 5 houses for Affordable Rent.

House on Farlow Close

Alders Court

Completed in December 2018 and comprising a terrace of 6 two bed houses, a terrace of 3 one bed bungalows and 1 two bed bungalow, which is wheelchair compliant for rent.

House in Alders Court

Pankhurst Place (St. Hilda's Way)

Completed in February 2020 consisting of 17 new homes for Social Rent on council owned land.

Example of a house in Pankhurst Place:

House in Pankhurst Place

Example of a maisonette in Pankhurst Place:

Maisonette in Pankhurst Place


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