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Last updated on: 16-Oct-2020

5. Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the allocations process.

Which band do I need to be in to be rehoused?

This depends on the area and the type of accommodation that you've requested.  In some areas we are able to let flats and maisonettes to those with a lower priority than others.

Where am I on the list?

There is no easy answer to this one. It depends on how many properties are available, where they're located and how many people are in the same or a higher band than you. Some properties and areas are in higher demand than others which means that there are more people waiting for them. You will have to choose between waiting for a high-demand property or being rehoused more quickly in a less desirable area. We do not know when the next suitable property will become available. Since the Housing Register is continually receiving new applications it is impossible to state exactly where you are on the list.

I've noticed that there is an empty property, can I have it?

Some vacated council properties need major work which can take weeks to complete, so it may appear that there are empty properties.  All empty properties, however, are pre-allocated to waiting applicants.  The property, although on a council estate, may have been sold and would no longer be managed by us.

If you see an empty property, you can report it to us.

I am a single male and I see my children at weekends, can I have two bedrooms?

We can only award an additional bedroom for children that do not stay with you permanently if you have a residency order for them. We will need to see proof of this.

How can I get into a higher band?

You do not receive extra priority for the amount of time that you have been on the list. If you have a medical problem that has worsened, our doctor will re-assess your housing need and you may receive additional priority.

The council has offered me a place. If I take it, how long will it be before I can move on from there?

We offered you a property considered to be suitable for your housing needs. You can apply for a transfer but chances are you will not receive any priority as we will consider you to be adequately housed.

I am a private tenant and I can't afford my rent, will I get priority for this?

Unfortunately, if you are adequately housed, we cannot take your financial situation into account.  For example if you are a couple with two children in a three bedroom house, you will not be awarded any priority, even if you have just lost your job and can no longer afford the rent. If you were likely to lose your home because of this, you should contact us.

I own a property. Can I apply for rehousing?

Owner-occupiers can apply for rehousing with us but will be asked to complete an additional form for further information regarding their financial circumstances. This information is submitted to a panel which decides whether the applicant has sufficient funds to purchase their own property or to rent privately. Those who own or are buying their home will probably not qualify for the Housing Register, unless they are elderly, disabled or have serious medical problems and their home cannot be adapted to their needs.

Someone's told me that I can have extra priority because my bedrooms are too small?

If a bedroom measures less than 50 square feet, it will not be counted as a bedroom therefore bedroom deficiency priority will be awarded. You will need to contact us and we will send an officer to verify this


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