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Exchanging your home

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Mutual exchange

There are some conditions to stick to before looking at swapping your home. For example, your rent account must be clear. For further information please contact you're Housing Officer or refer to the Tenants Handbook.

Once you have found someone to exchange with, you're Housing Officer will arrange an inspection of the property and a report will be sent to the other tenant's landlord. They will send a report in return regarding the other tenant and the property.

Once we have got this we will let you know if the exchange can take place. If you do apply to mutually exchange with another tenant, we will tell you the decision within 42 days of receiving your application. Once we have confirmed that the exchange can be done you are able to arrange the swap with the other tenant. This person will need to visit the Civic Centre to sign up for their new tenancy.


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