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Rechargeable Repairs and Maintenance Policy

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Introduction

Gravesham Borough Council strives to ensure that all of our properties are repaired and maintained in order to provide a safe home environment for our tenants, making sure that day-to-day repairs are carried out on time and efficiently whilst still maintaining value for money. Where repairs are not attributed to fair wear and tear they will be treated as rechargeable. Costs recovered will help improve our services and properties which will ultimately benefit our tenants.

This policy outlines the way in which the council will recover the cost of repairs that need to be carried out that are rechargeable due to damage, neglect, misuse or abuse by tenants, their family, pets or visitors to their property.

Where damage or neglect has occurred (for which the tenant is responsible) the tenant can arrange for the damage to be repaired themselves, however, if this does not meet current health and safety, building regulation requirements or in the case of gas and electricity the current legislation, the council will carry out further works and charge the tenant the costs. In addition, we will not be liable if a tenant has installed a defective system or fixtures and / or fittings without permission and may carry out and charge for repairs considered necessary for health and safety reasons or in situations of emergency, arising from the misuse of the property.

As a responsible landlord we have a statutory duty to undertake compliancy safety checks required by law in properties to ensure the health and well-being of all tenants and their families. Failure to comply will result in any non-urgent repairs being withheld and should access be prevented then costs to gain entry will be recovered.

The council will continually make sure that tenants are aware of their obligations not to damage or neglect their property; this is formally agreed with the tenant when the Tenancy Agreement is signed.

This policy will also be applied to people staying in the council’s temporary accommodation.


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