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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

8. Rubbish and personal items

We want our estates to be safe which includes communal areas, where items can cause both fire hazards and restrict escape routes.

Communal areas must be kept free of bulky items and nothing should be stored in communal areas, this includes cupboards with shared access. We may remove such items in a communal area. Any items left in internal or external communal areas that are damaged or causing a fire/health & safety risk will be removed immediately and re-charges made where applicable.

Refuse and waste disposal and litter

We will ensure that appropriate and well-sited facilities are provided for refuse disposal and recycling.

Tenants will be advised at the start of their tenancy of arrangements and appropriate days for the collection of refuse and recycling. You can find out about your collection on our bin days page and how to report a missed bin.

All residents are responsible for ensuring that their refuse and recyclable material is disposed of safely and tidily and to comply with collection arrangements. Find out what goes in your bin.


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