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Housing allocation scheme

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

1. Introduction

This policy sets out the Council’s priorities for how social housing in the Borough of Gravesham is allocated, and the guidelines which determine entitlement and eligibility to social housing. This will supersede any existing and former policy relating to the allocation of housing and is in accordance with the requirements of Section 167 of the Housing Act 1996, as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002.

It also explains what help people can expect from the Council in meeting their housing needs and sets out the system and processes by which we let council-owned homes and make nominations for housing owned and managed by housing associations.

If an applicant does not meet any of the priority criteria set out within this policy, they will be excluded from joining the Housing Register because there is no identified housing need for social housing.  If an applicant’s circumstances change, they will need to submit a new application.

The Council will consider all applications for social housing in accordance with this scheme, which sets out:

  • who qualifies to be included on the register
  • how to apply to get on the register
  • how we determine an applicant’s priority on the register
  • how to bid for available properties
  • how available properties are allocated
  • how we keep the register up to date
  • how applicants can seek a review of decisions made regarding the application assessment and allocation process

The demand for housing from people in need of housing in Gravesham or wishing to move to Gravesham is significantly higher than the number of homes available. There is an insufficient supply of social housing owned by the Council and Private Registered Providers (Housing Associations) to offer housing to everyone who would want it, or even to everyone who needs a home.

This allocation scheme ensures that we allocate the limited number of social homes available as fairly as possible and to those in the greatest need. The scheme is designed to ensure we comply with our legal obligations and to support the objectives of Gravesham’s Housing Strategy.

Aims and objectives

The broad objectives of the scheme are to:

  • to ensure we are letting properties in line with housing law
  • determine the priority of applicants in a clear, transparent and consistent way
  • allocate affordable housing fairly and to those in greatest need
  • provide accurate and timely advice and information to allow applicants to make informed choices about their housing options
  • create sustainable communities by the use of local lettings plans
  • make the best use of the housing stock within Gravesham, ensuring that vacant homes are let quickly and efficiently
  • to give applicants a choice of housing accommodation, or the opportunity to express preferences about housing accommodation, where this is reasonably practicable, by using choice-based letting


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