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Private landlords

Last updated on: 16-Oct-2020

2. Better Homes Scheme

What is Gravesham's Better Homes Standard?

Gravesham's Better Homes Standard is a voluntary scheme to promote high standards of accommodation and management in the private rented sector.  It is also a set of standards relating to the management and physical condition of rented accommodation.

What are the aims of Gravesham's Rental Standard?

  • Establish standards for private rented accommodation
  • Promote awareness of such standards with both tenants and landlords
  • Allow tenants to choose an accredited landlord
  • Improve the relationship between landlords and us.

What are the benefits of being a member of Gravesham's Rental Standard?

  • You will be publicly recognised as a competent and trustworthy landlord
  • The business advantage of advertising their member status to tenants who place emphasis on good quality and well managed accommodation.
  • Having a contact point in the council where accredited landlords can seek advice and guidance.
  • Training sessions to help identify any hazards in your property and how to reduce them.
  • The opportunity to contribute to proposals that may affect landlords, such as changes to local housing policies.
  • Reductions in licence fees.
  • Free energy efficiency advice and guidance.
  • Free references of current and former tenants of Gravesham Borough Council.
  • Access to the council's fast-track housing benefit scheme.
  • Entitlement to apply for a resident's parking permit to aiding inspection and repair of your property portfolio.
  • A certificate to prove your accredited landlord status to prospective tenants.
  • Access to a dedicated email account where requests for advice and assistance can be directed.

What are the benefits for the local community?

Schemes such as the Better Homes Standard provide a range of benefits to local communities. It is in everyone's interests that housing is well managed and kept in a good condition.  A successful scheme can help to increase the supply of good quality accommodation to the benefit of both existing and future tenants.

It will also help landlords manage their investment by reducing tenancy turnover and the costs associated with re-letting.

It also helps develop better landlord and tenant relations and reduces the need for intervention by teams within the council.

How does the scheme work?

On application, landlords will:

  • Complete a form declaring their "Fit and Proper" person status.
  • Join a nationally recognised landlord association.
  • Attend a free Landlord Development Foundation course.
  • Ensure that the necessary safety certificates are available.
  • Ensure that all their properties meet the requirements of the scheme and are not in a condition that is a risk to the health and safety of tenants, visitors, or members of the community.

What is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on the landlord association that you join.

Details of landlord associations recognised by the scheme are:


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