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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Disrepair

Both you and your landlord have responsibilities for maintaining the accommodation you rent and, for your ease of reference, below is a summary of the main responsibilities for both parties.

Your landlord's responsibilities

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is free from serious hazards and in good repair, and their responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the structure of the property. The structure covers the roof, walls, windows and doors, although this is not an exclusive list
  • The supply, maintenance and repair of pipes: gas (if installed), electricity or water
  • The repair and maintenance of flues (for gas boilers or gas fires) and ventilation
  • The repair and maintenance of drains within the property boundary
  • The supply of heating and hot water (but not payment of bills for these services)
  • The safety of gas appliances (including gas fires, hobs and gas boilers). A valid gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and must be produced by your landlord upon request.
  • All gas appliances must be inspected and tested by a qualified gas safe registered engineer included on the Gas Safe Register.
  • Repairs in common areas shared by tenants, such as hallways and stairs

If you believe your landlord is not complying with gas safety you should contact the Health and Safety Executive who is responsible for the enforcement of gas safety.

Your responsibilities

As the tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Keeping furniture in good condition
  • Minor repairs to internal decorations
  • Fixtures and fittings if damaged
  • Decorating, if you have caused damaged or if it is specified in the tenancy agreement
  • Electrical appliances, unless stated otherwise in the tenancy agreement or where there is no tenancy agreement
  • Garden upkeep, unless agreed otherwise with your landlord or where there is no written tenancy agreement


If there are problems with disrepair, then you should contact your landlord first to give them the opportunity to put it right. However, if your landlord is responsible or won't carry out repairs then please contact us for help and advice.

We will normally arrange to visit your property to inspect the disrepair and advise on the action we can take to get repairs carried out, including enforcement action if necessary

For some dwellings, known as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), Landlords have extra responsibilities for fire precautions and to ensure properties are properly managed.


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