Saving money on your bills

Last updated on: 18-Oct-2021

3. Saving on your gas and electric bills

If you want to save money on your energy bills then collective switching might be for you.

We can save you money on your energy bills by negotiating better deals with the energy companies on your behalf.  And what's more - the more households and businesses that take part, the better chance we have of securing you a competitive energy deal.

Gravesham Borough Council has offered Energy Deal since Collective energy switching began in the UK in 2013 partnering with iChoosr to help residents save money on their energy bills by using combined buying power to access highly competitive tariffs. Participation is completely free with no obligation to switch.

Energy Deal holds 3 auction rounds a year, Spring, Autumn and Winter (auctions May, October and February). Register for the auction round that most closes aligns to the end of your current fixed tariff.

How to take part

The next auction takes place on 12th October 2021. Registration is open from 3rd August until 11 October 2021. You will require details of energy consumption (on energy bill/annual energy statement - preferably in kWh), name of current supplier and current tariff. Once registered the closing date to take up offers is 22 November 2021.

For more information and to register use the following links:

I live in Gravesham

I live outside Gravesham

Due to restrictions on the scheme the Council is not allowed to send out reminders to residents who have switched through the scheme in the past 2 years. Therefore please keep a note of your current tariff expiry date, and register for the auction that coincides with that date.

Important information for the Autumn action October 2021

Due to the current market, personal energy offers are not being sent to residents for the Autumn auction as it does not make sense to switch to a fixed tariff at this time.

Online registrants will receive an email explaining this with the opportunity to take part in the next auction.

Offline registrants will receive a letter and will be automatically enrolled in the February auction. Please call 0800 048 8285 if you do not want to take part in this.

Registration for the next auction will open in early December 2021.

Three things you should do

  • Tell your neighbours about the scheme
  • Help your relatives if they are not used to registering their details online. (you can register on their behalf)
  • Help people without internet access to register with you online, or call on 01474 337326 during registration periods for assistance.

Want to know more?

Alternative energy switching options are available through Ofgem accredited comparison sites.


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