Supported and sheltered housing

1. Overview

The Sheltered Housing Schemes are designed for people who are over 60, or 55-59 and registered disabled. The service helps residents to maintain their independence in their home, with additional assistance provided if there is an emergency. The accommodation is designed to make life easier for residents.

Each resident has their own self-contained flat/bungalow and are also able to enjoy the communal facilities available at the scheme. All of our schemes have a communal lounge and a communal kitchen. Some schemes also benefit from a laundry room, TV room and/or a guest room. All schemes have a communal garden.

Many of our schemes have the benefit of a secure door entry system, with fob access. Properties at these schemes are fitted with a door entry phone system, thus helping to ensure that access is restricted to visitors and genuine officials, for example council workers, gas/electricity board personnel.  All of our properties have smoke detectors and fire alarms. There are pull cords fitted in all our properties so that residents can summon help in an emergency situation at any time, day or night.

There is a Scheme Officer who visits the scheme daily and helps residents to live independently. They can help arrange support services for residents from various agencies if this is needed.

Sheltered Housing is not residential care or a nursing home. The Scheme Officer does not administer medication or provide personal care. Your activities are also not monitored. You will be encouraged to maintain the same level of responsibilities and independence as you have always enjoyed, in a quieter comfortable environment. Relatives and friends will visit you just as before. You will be responsible for your own cooking, cleaning, shopping and general care as you would be in ordinary housing.