Guidance for a Premises Licence application

Last updated on: 04-Jun-2021

10. What happens if my licence is granted?

Grant of licence and enforcement

When your licence is granted it will consist of two parts. Part A is made up as follows:

  • General licence details
  • Mandatory conditions
  • Conditions consistent with the Operating Schedule
  • Conditions attached after a hearing by the licensing authority
  • Plan of licensable area

Part B is a Summary of the details on your Part A.  It will not show the address of the DPS and it will not show the conditions of the licence.

Once the Premises Licence is granted the Licence holder and Designated Premises Supervisor must ensure that they familiarise themselves with the conditions on the licence and that they are implemented immediately.

Pro-active visits will be carried out to all premises. Non-compliance of the law and/or the conditions on the Premises Licence can lead to action being taken against the Premises Licence holder which could involve either a review of the Licence and/or prosecution.

Gravesham Licensing officers and Kent Police expect all staff to know about the granted permissions under the Licensing Act 2003 and the conditions of the licence.


Please visit our frequently asked questions premises licence guidance page.


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