Estuary Fringe

Last updated on: 18-May-2021

Gravesham Arts Salon

Gravesham Arts Salon is an artist network providing an inclusive space for artists and creatives in Gravesham to share ideas and engage in projects for the wider community, and they are on the look out for people to take part in the fringe.

July 2019 saw Riverside Fringe come to life with some of the most amazing exhibitions and performances that Gravesham had to offer. We had Poemland at the Borough Market, comedians and bhangra on LV21, top class fringe theatre at The Woodville as well as choirs, exhibitions, and workshops in some of the amazing venues that this incredibly diverse borough has to offer, including St Andrew’s Arts Centre, The Gr@nd, Northfleet Central, The Enchanted Garden and CafĂ© No. 84.

International Festival Estuary 2020 was due to take place in September and October 2020 and they invited Gravesham Arts Salon to programme the fringe festival as an associate alongside Estuary. Sadly both the International Festival and the fringe had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. However we are delighted that Estuary 2021 has now been confirmed and will take place in the Summer of 2021 from 22 May to the 13 June. The Fringe Festival will also take place during the main event from 4 to the 12 June. If you are an artist or creative living or working in Gravesham and would be interested in being part of Gravesham Estuary Fringe 2021 then please fill in the online form.

From Friday June 4 to June 12 2021 we are looking for artists of every complexion to present work at one of our participating venues. We want the festival to celebrate the amazing talent that is thriving in Gravesham and there is no restriction on the kind of work, it just has to be ready to be shown.

We are looking for visual artists working in all media, craft makers, theatre makers, musicians, comedians, circus performers and magicians and if you have a skill that doesn’t fit into any of those categories then we really want to hear from you.  We are currently in the process of applying to ACE for project funding and we will be supporting all artists who take part through marketing, programming and project management.

Your can view the full event calendar at the Gravesham Estuary Fringe website.


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