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8. Event Toolkit - Useful publications

Fire Safety Risk Assessment - open air events and venues

HM Government; Department for Communities and Local Government Publications.

Profile: This guide is for all employers, managers, organisers of events, occupiers, and owners of open air events and venues. It tells you what you have to do to comply with fire safety law, helps you to carry out a fire risk assessment and identify the general fire precautions you need to have in place. The guide does not cover sports stadia, permanent buildings and structures, large temporary structures and air-supported structures.

ISBN 13:978 1 85112 823 5

Temporary Demountable Structures - Institute of Structural Engineers

Profile: This guide is concerned with the structural safety and adequacy of demountable structures used for temporary purposes and also with the overall planning and management of events.

Demountable structures are widely used for a variety of functions at public and private events. They may provide viewing facilities (including temporary easting), shelter (tents and marquees), platforms and supports for performers (such as stages), and for media facilities (such as supports for floodlights, loudspeakers, TV cameras, vision screens and press boxes.

ISBN-10: 187426645X

ISBN-13: 978-1874266457

Five Steps to Risk Assessments, Produced by the Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 0717615650

Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, The Stationery Office Books, ISBN 0113000952

Managing Crowds Safely, Produced by the Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 0717611809

Code of Practice for Outdoor Events, Produced by the National Outdoors Events Association

Safety and Sponsored Walks, Safety leaflet published by the Department of Transport

The Event Safety Guide: A Guide to Health and Safety and Welfare, At Music and Similar Events, Produced by the Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 0717624536 (also known as 'The Purple Book').

The Highway Code

Working Together at Firework Displays: A Guide to Safety for Firework Display Organisers and Operators, Produced by the Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 071762481

Giving Your Own Firework Display, Produced by the Health and Safety Executive, ISBN 0717608360

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The Stationery Office

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Website: The Stationery Office

Health and Safety Executive (Bookshops)

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National Outdoor Events Association

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