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Disabled parking and bays

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Apply for a disabled bay

If you have real difficulties walking and you need to park as close to your property as possible, you can apply for a residential Disabled Parking Bay to be marked on the road.

Each case is looked at on its own merits. Here are some things we will consider as part of your application:

  • You have a disability which prevents you from walking between your house and the nearest available parking space unaided
  • You are the driver, or you are driven by a person living at the same address as you
  • You hold a current and valid Disabled Blue Badge
  • You have no allocated or off road parking which you can readily access
  • There are no physical constraints on safe parking in the road

You'll also need to provide us with a photocopy of your disabled badge, evidence that you own a vehicle registered at the property and proof that you are entitled to the required disability benefits. Please take a look at the Residential Disabled Parking Bay Guidance Notes for detailed information on eligibility, the application process, time scales, cost and more.


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