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Dropped kerbs

Last updated on: 25-Nov-2020

2. Classified roads

Roads are split into two classes:

Below are the list of roads that will definitely require planning permission before you apply for a dropped kerb.

A and B roads

  • Albert Place, Gravesend
  • Barrack Row, Gravesend
  • Bath Street, Gravesend
  • Berkley Crescent, Gravesend
  • Brewer's Road, Shorne
  • Broad Ditch Road, Northfleet
  • Clive Road, Gravesend
  • Crooked Lane, Gravesend
  • Darnley Rd (Bath St-Pelham Rd), Gravesend
  • Dean Lane, Luddesdown
  • Dean Road, Luddesdown
  • Dover Road, Northfleet
  • Dover Road East, Northfleet
  • East Milton Road, Gravesend
  • Gore Green Road, Higham
  • Gravesend Road, Culverstone
  • Gravesend Road, Shorne-Higham
  • Hall Road (Borough boundary-Springhead Rd), Northfleet
  • Harmer Street, Gravesend
  • Harvel Lane, Harvel
  • Harvel Road, Harvel
  • Henhurst Road, Cobham
  • Hever Court Road, Gravesend
  • High Street, Northfleet
  • High Street, Gravesend
  • Lillechurch Road, Higham
  • London Road, Northfleet
  • Longfield Road, Meopham
  • Lord Street, Gravesend
  • Lower Rochester Road (School Lane-eastern limit), Higham
  • Luddesdown Road, Luddesdown
  • Milton Road, Gravesend
  • New Road, Gravesend
  • Oakenden Road, Luddesdown
  • Old Road East, Gravesend
  • Old Road West, Gravesend
  • Overcliffe, Gravesend
  • Parrock Street, (Milton Road-Lord Street), Gravesend
  • Pelham Road, Gravesend
  • Rochester Road, Gravesend-Higham
  • School Lane, Higham
  • Springhead Road (Hall Road-Thames Way), Northfleet
  • Stone Street (Albert Place-Clive Road), Gravesend
  • Stonebridge Road, Northfleet
  • Thames Way (Stonebridge Rd - Overcliffe), Northfleet/Gravesend
  • The Hill, Northfleet
  • The Terrace (Crooked Lane-Harmer Street), Gravesend
  • Town Road, Higham
  • Two Gates Hill, Higham
  • Valley Drive, Gravesend
  • Wainscott By-pass, Higham/Shorne/Cobham
  • Warren Road, Luddesdown
  • West Street (Bath Street-Crooked Lane), Gravesend
  • Whitehorse Lane, Harvel
  • Windmill Street (Lord Street-Albert Place), Gravesend
  • Wrotham Road (Gravesend-Culverstone)

C roads

  • Camer Road, Meopham*
  • Chalk Road, Higham*
  • Cobhambury Road, Cobham*
  • Coldharbour Road, Northfleet
  • Cross Lane East, Gravesend
  • Cross Lane West, Gravesend
  • Downs Road (Upper Ave-Broad Ditch Rd), Istead Rise
  • Earl Road, Northfleet
  • Forge Lane, Higham
  • Forge Lane, Shorne*
  • Foxenden Lane, Meopham*
  • Green Lane, Meopham*
  • Halfpence Lane, Cobham*
  • Hall Road (Coldharbour Road-Springhead Road), Northfleet
  • Hermitage Road, Higham*
  • Istead Rise, Northfleet
  • Jeskyns Road, Cobham*
  • Lower Higham Road, Higham*
  • Lower Road, Higham*
  • New House Lane, Northfleet
  • Old Perry Street, Northfleet
  • Parrock Road, Gravesend
  • Parrock Street (Lord St-Parrock Rd), Gravesend
  • Peartree Lane, Shorne*
  • Pelham Road, Gravesend
  • Perry Street, Northfleet
  • Singlewell Road, Gravesend*
  • Sole Street, Cobham*
  • Springhead Rd (Thames Way-The Hill), Northfleet
  • Tanyard Hill, Shorne
  • Thames Way (Overcliffe - West Street), Gravesend
  • The Ridgeway, Shorne*
  • The Street, Cobham
  • The Street, Meopham
  • The Street, Shorne
  • Thong Lane, Gravesend*
  • Upper Avenue, Northfleet
  • Vale Road, Northfleet
  • Villa Road, Higham
  • West Street (Thames Way-Bath St), Gravesend
  • Whitehill Lane, Gravesend
  • Whitehill Road, Gravesend
  • Whitehill Road, Meopham*
  • Windmill Street (Lord St-Singlewell Rd), Gravesend

* Parts of street marked, where speed limit is 40mph or higher, fall into A and B Roads. If you're not sure which category a section of road falls in, please contact us and we can let you know.


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