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Since May 2021 parking permits have gone virtual. Our civil enforcement officers will be able to see if a vehicle has a valid permit using their handheld electronic devices as its linked to your vehicle registration plate. This change makes the application and renewal process faster and more efficient, customers can apply for a permit 24/7.

You can manage your details and permits via your online parking permit account including:

  • Changing your vehicle (you will need to upload evidence for your new vehicle)
  • Renewal of your permit
  • Transferring your permit to a courtesy vehicle (you will need to upload a copy of the hire/lease agreement)
  • Managing visitor permits (where applicable depending on your permit type)

If you don't have an account and want to apply for a new permit or read more about parking restrictions where you live, please use our street search where you can find your parking permit zone and begin the application process.

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