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Season ticket permits

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Car park season ticket permit

Season ticket permit prices for each car park in the area.
Car Park Current Charge based on 230 days usage a year with no discount Season Ticket - One month charge. Season Ticket - Three Month charge. Season Ticket - Six Month charge. Season Ticket. Yearly charge.
    5% discount 10% discount 15% discount 20% discount
Parrock Street £1,725 £137 £388 £733 £1,380
Rathmore Road £1,725 £137 £388 £733 £1,380
West Street £1,725 £137 £388 £733 £1,380
Milton Place £1,150 £91 £259 £489 £920
Gurdwara £1,150 £91 £259 £489 £920
Ordnance Road £1,150 £91 £259 £489 £920

* These figures are based on you using the car park 230 days per year

Apply or renew permit

Call customer services on 01474 337000 and ask to apply for or renew a car park season permit for your chosen car park. The agent will take your payment and organise for your permit to be sent to your address.

We aim to process all requests within five working days (workload dependant). Please allow an additional couple of days for postage of the permit.


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