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Season ticket permits

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

4. Lord Street Permits

Lord Street Car Park is a temporary car park. Due to the car park being up for sale, we have closed entries to the waiting list for this car park and are only accepting renewal applications. The standard price of a permit in this car park is £80 per calendar month. If you work in the Town Centre, you can obtain a 50% discount. Permits for Town Centre Workers are £40 per calendar month.

The quickest way to apply and pay for your renewal is by using the button below. You will need your current permit number and your applicant ID. Both of these details can be found within your renewal reminder.

For Town Centre Worker permit holders, every six months we require your up to date vehicle documents and employment proof. If you renew for six months at a time, you will automatically need to email these to us with each renewal, please follow the advice within the renewal reminder email sent. If you renew in smaller periods, you will be contacted when documentation is needed.

Please always remember to allow at least five working days for the processing of your application, plus a couple extra for postage. The online system will automatically enter the day after your previous/current permit is due to expire. Please remember to change this if you have applied late (if the date doesn’t allow seven days from the day you are applying) as your vehicle is not permitted to park until a valid permit is displayed so it could result in days being lost and/or a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) being issued if the vehicle parks without displaying a valid permit. Please be aware, once you enter a start date we cannot amend this when processing your application.


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