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Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

5. National and local validation list requirements

The validation lists shown below are divided into two sections: (1) national validation requirements, and (2) local validation requirements, required for applications made to Gravesham Borough Council.

They describe the necessary types of plans and supporting documents and provide guidance explaining in what circumstances a certain plan or document is required, as well as what that those plans should identify or what type of information should be included.

The local validation requirements within these lists will apply to all applications submitted from 1 April 2020 onwards.

The full list is available here:

Local List of Validation Requirements

A simple list, relevant to householder applications (extensions or alterations to a single dwellinghouse) is available here:

Householder Bite Size Guidance

A list for information required for applications for vehicle accesses / crossovers is available here:

Vehicle Access & Crossover Bite Size Visual Guidance

Examples of types of drawings required for common projects:

Shopfront Applications


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