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Local land charges search

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

2. Frequently asked questions

How much does a search cost?

Form LLC1 - Residential and Commercial £40.00
Extra parcels of land - £1.00 each
Nil £40.00
Extra parcels of land - £1.00 each
Con29 – Residential £80.00
Extra parcels of land - £10.80 each
Extra parcels of land - £12.96
Con29 – Commercial £200.00 £40.00 £240.00
LLC1 & Con29 – Residential £120.00 £16.00
(VAT on Con29 only)
LLC1 & Con29 – Commercial £240.00 £40.00
(VAT on Con29 only)
Printed Questions 4-21 on Con29O form
Printed Question 22 on Con29O form
Additional enquiry by Solicitor £20.00 £4.00 £24.00
Personal Search of the Local Land Charge Register by appointment Free Nil Free
Enhanced Personal Search Service £22.00 £4.40 £26.40
Fees in relation to additional enquiries Please see separate Personal Search instruction leaflet

Please note no concessions are available in relation to Local Land Charge fees

What if I want to search more than one property in the same street?

Normally a separate search should be made, and the fee paid in respect of each individual property or piece of land. However, a search may cover more than one 'parcel' when it is required for the purposes of one single transaction and the parcels have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

Who Deals with the Water Drainage Information?

Southern Water Authority deal with enquiries regarding the water and drainage for the Gravesham area and can be contacted on the Telephone Number 01634 824 784 or by visiting the Southern Water website.

How do I find out who owns a property?

This information is provided by the Land Registry whose contact details are

Land Registry Nottingham Office
Chalfont Drive

DX10298 Nottingham (3)
Tel 0115 9351166
Fax 0115 9350038

Who deals with Commons Land Registration and Village Greens?

These searches are dealt with by Kent County Council but requests are made as part of a search and should be submitted via question 22 on the form Con29O through the local authority.

How do I get copies of documents relating to Local Land Charge searches?

Please contact the Land Charges team using the contact details below.

How can I contact Land Charges?

You can contact the Local Land Charges Section using these details:

Local Land Charges Section
Gravesham Borough Council
Civic Centre
Windmill Street
DA12 1AU

Tel: 01474 337245 or 01474 337462


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