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Local Plan

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

10. Rural Housing Needs Survey

We have a statutory duty (1985 Housing Act) to investigate housing needs and examine ways of meeting those needs. We have a rolling programme for updating Rural Housing Needs Surveys (every five years) as recommended by best practice.

The aim of the Rural Housing Needs Surveys is to provide an impartial evidenced overview of the scale and nature of the housing need in a village or parish.  Information from these surveys is used to ensure new homes built contribute towards meeting the needs of existing local residents.

Rural Housing Needs Survey (RHNS) timetable:

List of Rural Housing Needs Surveys
Parish Village Published RHNS Replacement RHNS undertaken Indicative Future Rolling Programme
Cobham March 2015 April 2020 April 2025
Higham October 2015 February 2020 February 2025
Meopham February 2015 January 2020 January 2025
Luddesdown November 2013 October 2018 October 2023
Shorne November 2013 October 2018 October 2023
Vigo June 2012 June 2017 June 2022
Istead Rise July 2012 July 2017 July 2022

The most recent Rural Housing Needs Surveys are available to download below:


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