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Planning Enforcement Policies

Last updated on: 09-Apr-2021

5. Quality of life for residents

The potential conflict between this and the previous theme of economic regeneration is often brought into focus in the planning enforcement process. The amenity of residents will always be a material consideration and its protection will be an objective of the service. The inherent conflict described above is approached by a process of negotiation, plus encouragement to consider compromise and mitigation. This approach is often successful in removing the nuisance, or the breach, without resorting to formal action. A rapid response to residents' complaints often provides important reassurance in stressful situations.


The quality of life for residents will be protected through the planning enforcement process, taking account of other material considerations. An approach of negotiation will normally be pursued prior to considering whether it is expedient to take formal action. Initial investigations will be carried out within a few working days of receipt of the complaint for more information check our Planning Enforcement Priorities page.


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