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Shopfront design guidance notes

The appearance of shopfronts in a town centre or local shopping area has a profound impact on the area's character. Poorly designed and badly maintained street frontages detract from the visual qualities of an area and affect the retail viability and local economy.

These guidance notes encourage a sensitive approach to shopfront design. They aim to help to create enjoyable and attractive shopping areas in Gravesham.

  • Design Sheet 1 (Introduction, The Need for Consent, General Principles, Access to Upper Floors)
  • Design Sheet 2 (The Elements of a Traditional Shopfront, Historical Shopfront Design, Design Detail: Shopfront Window)
  • Design Sheet 3 (Design details, Doors & Access, Stallriser, Pilasters & Facias)
  • Design Sheet 4 (Materials & Finish, Timber specification)
  • Design Sheet 5 (Signs & Advertisement, Fascia, Projecting signs, Lettering & Lighting)
  • Design Sheet 6 (Canopies, blinds & security)


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